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By the nature of ethnomusikal thinking

This work was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation at the expense of the federal program "Research and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovation Russia in 2009-2013" on the theme "Socialization of children and adolescents in terms of ethno-cultural educational environment" (№ 14.740.11.0574 on October 5 2010).

One of the problems of ethnomusical education is the formation of ethnomusical thinking of the younger generation that would restore, preserve and develop folk music traditions, preserve the folk music culture. Problems associated with musical abilities' development excited and worried many researchers. Development of various musical abilities are devoted B.V. Asafiev, S.N. Belyaeva-Ekzemplyarskoy, N. Garbuzova, N.M. Garipova, I. Zemtsovskogo, M. Karasev, V.V. Medushevsky, E.V. Nazaikinskii, S.M. Petrikova, N.A. Petrushina, N.V. Suslova, B.M. Teplov, K.V. Tarasova, L.V. Shamina, etc. However, the problem of revealing of the essential characteristic of ethnomusical thinking did not reflect in the scientific literature. Продолжить чтение


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